A missionary woman has disappeared in the dangerous district of Spitalfields, and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Is the world ready to learn the truth about the Giant Rat of Sumatra?

Besides Holmes, readers will encounter the future Professor Challenger and H.G. Wells' infamous Dr. Moreau. Not to be missed! See news for details on ordering your pre-publication copy.

​A series of explosions has obliterated much of Valentine, Vermont's Main Street. Can crime reporter Ace Herron find the culprits?


Sherlock Holmes is on Count Dracula's trail and it may cost him his sanity, not to mention his life. Is Watson's wife in danger? Is London? And why does Lord Godalming want to stop Holmes? Don't miss this adventure!

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​At first, Vernon Mason's disappearance appears to be just a routine embezzlement, but crime reporter Ace Herron discovers far more: a family ruined by an awful and tragic secret. A secret which might take a second family with it. Follow Ace as he unearths the truth. 


Thanks to H.G. Wells' time machine, Cynthia Kenyon finds herself the prisoner of Prof. Moriarty in 1882. Can Sherlock Holmes save her? Will she find love with Dr. Watson? Or are some things never meant to be?