"I read this book and now it's in my head. It's in my head. Gosh darn.

"Stephen Seitz is the master of taking classic literary creations and mashing them together into a brand new delicious confection. Each page is like a sugar cookie on a plate, just waiting for you to take a bite! And then you'll crave more and more. I crave Seitz." 
This is a page turner. If you had no arms, you'd find a way to turn the pages. With your foot. Or your face. You'd improvise. I hope this author never stops writing. Never.
Five stars. Hell, a CONSTELLATION of stars for NEVER MEANT TO BE. Bless you, Seitz.+ Ethan van Sciver, D.C. artist, Green Lantern and Batman.

Never Meant To Be

Cynthia Kenyon is given a strange gift: a pair of tickets to a science exhibit, with her name on the envelope, are found in Dr. John Watson's famous tin dispatch box, which has not been opened for at least 100 years. On display is a replica of H.G. Wells' time machine, and it's an accident with it that sends Cynthia back to London, 1882.

Cynthia soon needs the aid of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, but she also has a complication; a burgeoning love affair with the handsome Dr. John Watson. Cynthia has some tough choices: stay in the past with Watson? Alter the future? Help the insidious Prof, Moriarty with his time machine? No matter what Cynthia chooses to do, some things are never meant to be.

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