I'm a sucker for surprise endings, and Seitz delivers with "Secrets Can't be Kept Forever". What initially appears as a clear case of kidnapping and embezzlement turns into the much more complicated drama of a dysfunctional family. ... The plot moves along refreshingly fast with no long, dragging descriptions (which, quite frankly, often only serve to showcase a writer's "talent"). I enjoyed the read, and would certainly follow Ace Herron along on future adventures. --Kirsten Jany, author, ​Enter to Win

Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever

When advertising salesman Vernon Mason disappears with his eldest son and several thousand dollars of his employer's money, crime reporter Ace Herron thinks it's a fairly routine case: until a dead body turns up. Following that lead takes Ace on a journey into a dark world of family secrets and the devastating consequences of love gone wrong. Not to mention the havoc the story plays on Ace's own marriage. The truth always comes out, because secrets can't be kept forever.

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